“Angelina goes way and beyond to help out, she will look for all possible options and don’t give up until there is a solution, she is also very organized, very caring and nonjudgmental. I will highly recommend Angelina.”


“Angelina does great research to provide deep insight into issues surrounding any case you take to her. She is thorough and detailed in her explanations of consequences/actions at a level that is easily understandable so that you can make an informed decision. She assisted with the filing of underaged stepson’s US right to work/live in the US, and my husband’s US citizenship application. She continues to advise on friends visa requirements to tour in the US.

– Mary

“When I first met Angelina I was scared and extremely naive to immigration law and its process. I knew I needed help but often times the stigma and judgement that goes with being an immigrant can be hard to overcome. I explained to Angelina ( Gina) my situation and she was nonjudgmental and honest. I felt safe with her. As my attorney, she walked me through every step. My case was long and very difficult. Where others would have given up, Angelina pressed on. She was organized and efficient. She kept me abreast of all the information and her years of experience and wealth of knowledge was invaluable. There is just not enough space to say all that i want to say but it all boils down to this. I walked into Angelina’s office with nothing as an undocumented immigrant I felt as if all hope was lost. I am a mother of 4 children and because of Angelina’s commitment to my family I won my immigration case and am now a permanent resident soon to be a U.S. citizen!! Because of her unwavering commitment to my family I am able to be here with my children. Without Angelina my absolute worse nightmare would have been a reality. I would have been torn from children and sent back to my country of birth. I don’t know if i would have survived that. Because of Angelina Castro I was given a fighting chance. She helped me seize the opportunities that we as immigrants all want and that is a chance to work hard, be contributing and upstanding members of our community and most of all a chance to make a better life for our families. I am now a Registered Nurse working on my Masters. My family will forever in her debt. Thank You Mrs. Castro. You are truly a life saver!!! I highly highly recommend this attorney!!”


“We needed help to sort out our visas and our green card applications. Ms. Castro guided us through the entire process with precise information. She knows her stuff well, thus nothing was left unaddressed. Our applications were ready in no time. This is due to her efficient way of executing her work! She is friendly, patient and always available to answer our many questions. We are very satisfied with her service and we highly recommended her!”


“Ms. Castro’s knowledge of US immigration law helped us obtain citizenship for someone when other immigration lawyers said it could not be done. In addition to being knowledgeable, we found Ms. Castro to be responsive — answering calls and/or emails promptly — and willing to go the extra mile to help us negotiate the maze of the immigration process. We cannot thank Ms. Castro enough.”